We have been engaged in model making for over 25 years, perfecting our skills so that we can create even the most demanding models in a short period of time. Our references testify to this because we are the first choice of the most important companies and museums in the country. Our mock-ups are a combination of top precision manufacturing and processing, traditional, modern and unique manufacturing.

Biography Richard Peršić

He was born in Prague (Czech Republic) on February 19, 1974. where he lived until he was 6 years old. and one year in Berlin, after which he moved to Pula, where he lives and works today. The originally inherited love and inclination towards modeling and model making from his grandfather from Prague, he builds on and expands throughout his further education and work. He received his basic education in ship modeling at Vidikovac elementary school, after which he expanded his technical knowledge through the technical high school for a mechanical technician, and at the Technical Faculty in Rijeka, where he graduated with the title of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

After graduating from college, he got a job at the ULJANIK Shipyard, where until graduation he worked as a designer in the project office, simultaneously dealing with a number of other activities; leading the Pula Model Makers Club association, holding workshops and courses for children, participating in various competitions and making various models.

In addition to making plastic models, he also makes RC models, ships and airplanes. So far, he has made 17 RC model airplanes of various sizes, some of which are over 3.6 m long, and 10 RC ships, along with numerous various plastic models, including railway models, and a city model with the entire railway system. In addition to modeling, he is engaged in a number of other activities from sports (paintball, cycling, amateur fishing, hiking) to photography (as a member of the Format association and leading the photo section within the Mountaineering Society).

Selected projects:

• Boat model 591 motor yacht construction – client: private shipyard

• Model of the Lohner hydroplane – commissioned architects for the layout of the museum on Puntižela

• Bleriot plane model – commissioned by: private collectors

• Models of merchant sailing ships – commissioned by: Maritime Museum in Rijeka Model of submarine U5 – commissioned by: Archaeological Museum of Pula

• Model of the building – client: real estate sales

• Model of the Dubrovnik nave, St. John the Baptist – commissioned by: private collector

• Model of the Monastery of St.Mihovil, Kloštar, commissioned by: Municipality of Vrsar

• Maketa Gračišće, commissioned by the municipality of Gračišće

• Model trabakul Sea Queen, commissioned by a private collector

• Model of the submarine U 81 commissioned by the Maritime Museum Novigrad

• Trabacula model, gajeta and rope model, large tuna hunting diorama model, submarine model and two Austrougat battleship models – client: Maritime Museum Novigrad near Zadar

• Fort models: Fort Punta Christo, Maria Luisa – commissioned by: Historical Museum of the City of Pula

• Relief of Istria – commissioned by: Historical Museum of Pula

• Model of the Sesvete Manor – commissioned by the city of Zagreb, Sesvete Model of the Hotel commissioned by the City of Prague

• Models of boats Bracera, Pasara, Guc – client: island of Krk

• Made by Guc – client: island of Rab

• Construction and reconstruction of the ship Ontario Work on the construction of a model for conservators

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